No. 2
November 2017


These Things Happen by Dennis Fridd

The Processing Center by Jacob Yaple

Tereplex by Martin Hamish

Mirror Love by Michael Tuberdyke

A Beautiful Lie (For the Screen) by Paul Young

Riverside: Part 2 by Mary K. Grant

Escape from Dachau by G.A. Cribari


SNACKS by Jarrad Ackert

Tears by Ken Bremer

To Lightly Dance by Alicia Beckwith

Birth by Eldridge McClaney

Waffle Iron Vase Jug by Felix Barbone

It is Cramped Here Along This Wall by Alex C. Tiemen

The Owl and the Otter by Richard D. Moll


True Crime: Monsters Among Us by B.W. Thines

The Dust Motes in Grandma Pistner’s Upstairs Room by Sara Rubin

Days to Remember: The Monstrosity by Lisa Kleman

Window on the World by Wendy Burwell

Silver Paper by Inga Songbird

cover image:  Valentin Serov (Russia).  In Winter.
1898, gouache, pastel on board.  The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.