I Was Changed—The Vortex on The 4-Tiered Mound on South Hill

by Madis Senner



The introduction to my book, Vortices and Spirals, begins with a transformative experience I had years ago on a mountaintop in Vermont meditating in an energy vortex, what I call a natural vortex. I had attended the Dowsers’ Convention at the Killington Ski Resort as a speaker earlier that day and was depleted. The space was awful; several lecture rooms even had negative vortices (drain you, create geopathic stress and cancer) in them. So after dinner I left my campsite and let my dowsing L-rods lead me to where I should meditate—it was a natural vortex on a mountaintop. Not only did it burn off the clutter and negativity I had taken on earlier; It changed me and gave me something I lacked, or needed.

The last Saturday of March I had another transformative experience while meditating in a natural vortex on a stone mound on South Hill.  It changed me.

This was a rare event. Even though I meditate in powerful sacred places that have been so for millennia, places with divine aspects of Mother Earth such as Fields of Consciousness and Energy formations. Places with strong imprints, what Hindu Vedanta calls samskaras (the root of our karma)—basically memories that cling to the land and facilitate mystical experiences.  These places have given me insights, sent me on journeys, provided answers, nourished my soul and raised my consciousness; being blissed out with a spiritual high is a constant given. But changing that quickly was unusual.


The Four-Tiered Mound At South Hill

In the spring of 2009 I was lead to a four-tiered mound on South Hill in High Tor NYS DEC Wildlife Management Area.   What I call tiers are like terraces on the side of a hill. It was located on a steep part of the hill in a large thicket and almost unperceivable unless you were next to it; which given that the thicket with all its brush, prickly trees and the other scrub is next to impossible unless you know where to look.

I marked a trail with ribbons and told only one other person about it. Evidently they or someone else decided to take down all the ribbons marking the trail to it. It broke the connection. Oddly that to which I was guided to, I could no longer find.

I lost track. Took a job at Sears selling appliances to pay my bills.

Then in 2015 I began to look for it. Several times I wandered all over South Hill walking into thickets, briar patches and similar numerous times. I started from the bottom of South Hill as I did when I originally found it; as well as from the top. Drats I could not find it.

Then in the Fall of 2017 I stepped it up. Starting from the top of South Hill I found the large swath of thicket- half a mile, a mile or more in length. I asked my dowsing rods to show me which way (direction) the Earth Prana, what you know as the Life Force/Chi/Prana, was flowing. I did this because the four-tiered stone mound covered Earth Chakras and the Earth Prana  would be drawn to those Earth Chakras.

I approached this systematically. I found other stone mounds and uncovered Earth Chakras. Imagine a maze with false paths, dead ends that is made up of scrub, briars and trees with large prickles that are like hypodermic needles. With each trip I was able to eliminate a section.

Then one weekday towards the end of deer hunting’s shotgun season in December I found it.

Now almost nine years later I was back. I had returned with greater knowledge of Mother Earth and many more years of meditating in power spots.  I dowsed out a very positive to extremely positive vibe, a water dome and an energy vortex. I looked at the stone mound and saw within it stonework that I could now better appreciate and understand its detail. While the stone mound was somewhat disheveled there were noticeable tiers/terraces, or steps that made up the stone mound.

I shot a few videos, took lots of pictures and left. I knew I would not be back until the spring because snow was forecast. I would have to wait to meditate in the energy vortex.


Finally, Saturday March 31, 2018


I was psyched. Finally my chance had come. My plans were to visit Gossamer Wood, drive south along the eastern shore of Canandaigua Lake to South Hill and finish with my friends Bruce and Linda in the southern tier of NY.

It was a little after noon when I got to the parking lot on top of South Hill. I met Bill VanDerveer who informed me that the gorge was icy and covered with snow which made crossing the gorge to get to the stone mound treacherous. Not only was it a great meeting that gave me valuable information I also got to meet Bill who grew up in the area and was a font of knowledge about the stone mounds in High Tor.

I drove down to the base of the South Hill and began my climb. It was not long before I saw the large swath of thicket. But where to enter?

I decided any point was fine. I just needed to get to the other side of the thicket on the topside of the hill and look from there.

The climb was steep and I walking on leaves that made the ground slippery. Fortunately I brought my hiking poles and did more pulling on my poles than climbing with my legs. After some time I reached the top of the thicket. Now my search got serious, only it was getting late.

I found other stones mounds that I had marked. Others I had not marked and more. I knew I was close. My rods showed me the direction of the flow of the Life Force, but there were lots of Earth Charkas pulling in the Life Force to them in different areas.

With little time left I found it.

I regret I am always in a rush, especially times like this. But that is who I am.

I said some prayers and spread tobacco. I took out my dowsing rods to find the natural vortex.  I put my cushion down.  Sat down and began shooting a video. Then I began meditating.


The Prize

If you are lucky and meditate enough times in a natural vortex you may transcend time and connect with the spirit of those that created it. You will always connect with their consciousness, but sometimes you do so in a very special way. It is a gift.

Think of the movie series the Highlander where Connor Macleod is supposedly killed in inter-clan warfare in the Scottish Highlands hundreds of years ago only to realize he is immortal when he does not die after being stabbed. He learns that he is one of several immortals and that eventually they must kill each other until only one is left. Each time someone decapitates another immortal he gets “The Prize”, or a quickening; all the powers and knowledge of the deceased flow into him.  In this short video you can seethe formation of a vortex to transfer the power of the deceased to Colin.

It is the same with a natural vortex. Only the prize is the collective consciousness of the blessed souls that created the vortex—their love, their prayers, their focus, their gifts, their abilities….Imagine if you could build muscles just by hanging with weight lifters. By meditating in a natural vortex the spiritual gifts and abilities (visionquesting, love, connection to our Mother, aspects of their soul…) of those that created it flow into you. How much depends upon your connection to Mother Earth. You need to be connected to Her.

While meditating in the natural vortex on the 4-tiered mound I sensed busyness to the area. I had several visions and saw many people milling about on the stone mound. I felt really good, relaxed but energized at the same time. That was it.

I scrambled down the hill.

On the drive to see my friends Linda and Bruce I realized that I had some how been transformed. But how? I felt as though instead of taking a small step forward I took a leap in my spiritual transformation.


You Can To

I tell you this because you to can transcend time and connect with the consciousness of others by meditating in a natural vortex. You need to develop a bond with our Mother and shift your focus towards Her. That connection is paramount. Unless you develop that bond meditating in a natural vortex will at best be a mediocre affair. You need to develop sentience of Mother Earth; to sense and feel Her emanations.


You should also eliminate things that are harmful to our Mother such as technology. It is a well-known fact that too much time on cell phones and technology makes you less emphatic and less compassionate. That is because technology disconnects us from our Mother and all of Her soul nourishing nutrients she showers us with. Technology suffocates your soul, by robbing you of nourishment. Using technology while trying to spiritually advance or connect with Mother Earth is like trying to be a long distance runner while you are smoking cigarettes.

You will also have to learn basic geomancy skills of dowsing for an energy vortex in order to find one in the wilderness.

I am sure many of you think that I am nuts and asking for the impossible. Really? Think about all the eastern mystics and texts that teach about all the karma and future lifetimes you take on with one lifetime of bad actions. Technology puts bad karma and future lives on hyper drive.

Think about it. I am telling you about one of the most transformative and wonderful consciousness raising experiences that you can have. That I have had. You to can have what I experienced on South Hill that last Saturday of March of 2018. You just need to heed my advice.

Hug your Mother and get rid of things that harm Her.





Madis Senner is the author of Sacred Sites in North Star Country and leading the effort to preserve Gossamer Wood in Canandaigua, NY.