by John George


I got this one on my ankle
Cause I had an operation on my brain
It happened when I was little
So there wasn’t much pain

This one I got when my Dad
Went to war
He never came back
Always wonder what for

My sister ran away
Said she could not sing
So I got this small one
Of a bird’s broken wing

Well this one’s a ship
That’s sinking in the tide
The artist that did it
Was drunk lying on his side

Truth be told so was I
Not as much as him
He was the best in Pawtucket
And his prices were slim

This one was done
By a blind Monk in Tibet
I don’t know what it says
And he treated me like his pet

Oh yeah this one was done
In a house full of rats
The only thing saved me
Was a one-legged cat

That’s nothing my friend Bruno
Who was a fireman with bad knees
Had a hydrant put on each leg
So when they swelled he got relief

I had a friend who knew a guy
That was married to a girl
Whom he loved very much
She was his whole world

On her chest she had a
Countryside that gave us all chills
There were streams and trees
And even rolling hills

And when she showered
The trees would become all lush
The rivers over flowed
To the point they would gush

The flowers would bloom
The birds and bees came alive
Or at least they seem to
Maybe only in my mind’s eye

Even though some are
Intricate and beautiful to view
I agree with the statement
They know not what they do

The body is a temple
That we borrow and that’s all
So why would you put graffiti
On a beautiful temple wall



John George is a city dweller.  He writes about the people and places he encounters throughout the day.