A Eulogy for a friend

by Richard D. Moll


Every once in a while
There is a death of someone
That knocks me over.
It may be a friend or a foe,
An acquaintance or a loved one.
Never mind who.
Unlike the others, their death takes me by surprise,
Fills me with wondering and whys,
Memories and sighs.

There is a desire to hang on, and not let go
Maybe then it won’t be so.
A cold shiver I feel, and begin to cry
Wondering why not me
Wondering when I.
I forgive, and I try,
With a sigh and a smile
To say goodbye

Thanking the good Lord for you and me
For the times we shared
And for old apple trees.




Rich Moll is a local author and lifelong resident of Irondequoit.  A husband, father and grandfather he worked as a chemist for 40 years.  His hobbies include traveling, photography, reading, and mycology.