Michael Tuberdyke       The Clock Strikes Twelve

Dennis Fridd     Hobo Blues

Jaime Petrohl     Juan Carlos Acante

Paul Young     Little Butterfly

Bruce Thines     Idiosyncrasies and Compulsions

Paul Young     A Big Grand Opening




Jarrad Ackert     Hunger and Money

Brian Krall     Nature, Nurture and Self Actualization

Madis Senner    I Was Changed

Deborah Klee     Hall of Justice

Alicia Beckwith     Stand Up, and Be Counted

Matteo de Belatomacci     Z, The Perfect Catalog

Sara Rubin     A Road in the Sky

Richard Moll     Stalking the Wild Mushroom

Wendy Burwell     Grace



Jacob Yaple     Messed-Up Bernie



Cheyenne Zaremba  Uncertain Equations

Jarrad Ackert     what is it?

L. Vanchelnik   fabricius

Kitty Jospé    Potency of Form – The Triolet!

John George     Tat-Tat-Tat

Richard D. Moll     A Eulogy for a Friend