by Alicia Beckwith




Time rushes past us in such a hurry

And people around us seem to scurry

With a swirl of color they run

In pursuit of money, love and fun.


Yet, when their wish, they find,

Folks can be so unkind

In their effort to pursue

Walking over all including you.


Colors of so vast a hue

Tell their mood so true

Is it safe to stay around?

Or should I turn around?


Right from the baby blue

Soft pinks, yellow and misty dew

On through youth with red and blue

Hues tell us facts so boldly true.


Colors may change when we get older

Some of us tame a bit, others get bolder

But, still the hue shows the inner side

In spite of what we may try to hide.




Stalwart Soldiers


Stalwart soldiers stand through time

Bearing nature’s wind, heat and snow

Taxing them but they always win

As in the spring, their life draws back its sap

Once again bringing glory

Dressing those bare spindly arms

That look lonely and spent.

But God is sure to re-dress them for all to see


With their oranges, reds and golds

Trees lose their leafy frocks at different times

It’s God’s gift to us to see them

Right up to the very last because

We know winter’s just a jaunt away

Snow will cover all the ground

Hiding what will happen in spring.





Roses Under the Snow


The snow is burning pink

With its rich and fiery glow,

Holding tight its secret

In the snow below.

Its salmon hue

Is reaching, speaking softly

“Come closer, closer,

Come look and see

Just what I have

In store for you,

Under the snow so bitter cold,

In its warm pink hue.

Gently brush aside

My blanket so soft and light

Sweep away the flakes,

See my petals red and bright
Where someday soon you’ll find me,
Take me to your heart to stay

Where I shall grace the morning

Of your every summer’s day.”




Alicia Beckwith has been writing since her early teens and has previously published poems and short stories.   She is currently writing a biography about a small child surmounting many obstacles to survive and thrive.