Fact or Fiction, You Decide


by Paul Young


Billions of dollars have been spent on trying to find life as we know it, in our universe and others. Our universe is made up of matter, all matter is made up of atoms, and all atoms are made-up of energy. I will use the term Energy Entity for the type of life that I will be writing about.

It is no accident that our technology has advanced as quickly as it has; this has been the Energy Entities plan from the beginning. They have been very aware of human’s mistakes for a long time. And our now ready to arrive and take over things.

Energy Entities can enter any form of matter regardless of what the matter is.

They have become very familiar with the technology we have designed. It is very similar to what they have, but they use theirs the way it should be used.

Energy Entities have been with us since the beginning, they are the ones who created the big bang. We were their experiment for matter and all things that were created. They also created all the Spiritual beliefs, thinking that it would give humans a sence of stability and purpose. But that has failed, based on the carnage and destruction that humans have inflicted on each other in the name of their chosen beliefs.

Who made the Energy Entities? You ask. The only answer I can give you is this: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”.  Someday I may be given a better answer. Time as we know it is a human invention, but time does not exist. If you question if any of this is possible, here is a list for you to study: Baryonic Dark Matter, Dark Energy, HiggsBoson, Virtual Particle, and Interdimensional Hypothesis. And Vacuum state.

Very soon there will be major disruptions all around the world that will affect communication technology. This will be the beginning of their communication with everyone around the world. Till this happens there will be anomalies to all types of technology to let us know they’re here.

The Energy Entities are from a parallel universe made only of energy. When you speak on the telephone you know the person you are speaking with, but how do you know they exist? Anything electrical is a doorway for them, including the brains of humans and animals. They even have the capability to control plants if they wanted to. When they enter the minds of humans and animals, they can control their thoughts and actions if it should ever be necessary.

The next part of this story will be about my experience with them.  The first place was a pharmacy; I was using a photo kiosk, I was downloading some photos when the machine stopped. I could not get it to work again. I said to myself, “I will come back when it is fixed”. When I went to    pay for some other things I had picked up, the cashier started to ring up the products, and the cash -register stopped working. She had to restart it to get it to work.  I had a lot of photos that I had taken, so I took them to a larger store to use their kiosk, there I could down load more photos. I put my memory card in and started downloading and the machine stopped working. Even though I used different memory cards and USB’ s, the same thing would keep happening. I was at a store having some wood being cut down. As the employee started to cut the wood, the machine stopped working; he had to restart the machine. I then went to pay for my wood and some other things that I had bought. I watched as the cashier rung things up. When the cashier hit the total button, the little machine that printed out the receipt stopped working. I have had many experiences of this type for some years. They have happened at hospitals, art galleries, libraries, and buses I have been on.

I explained to a friend about the anomalies that I am experiencing. And my friend said it sounds like what is termed “the Pauli effect, “named after famous Physicist Wolfgang Pauli, [April 25, 1900-December15 1958]. He experienced the same type of anomalies that I am experiencing. This makes me wonder how long they have been closely monitoring us.

The first episode of what I’m about to describe started on a night in 2011.  I was reading when I started to get cold, along with the coldness I started to shiver. With in minutes the cold and shivering intensified. The after effects I experienced were extreme thirst and weakness. These episodes have continued, I have described these episodes to my Doctor. He stated to me that he was not aware of anything that would cause this type of reaction. In 2015 I started to keep track of these episodes, by marking them down on a calendar. I am now in my third year of doing this. With each new episode the after effects are still the same, extreme thirst and weakness that last up to eight hours. These disruptions have taken place every time they have entered my body.

This may be something or it may be nothing: About two inches from my nose on the right side of my face. Inside my mouth, there is a small round object that is a little larger than a poppy seed. I pressed my tongue against it, and it came out. Where it was has stayed sensitive. A new one replaced it, when the new one’s becomes soft and not firm they are replaced. I do not think it was intended for me to get one of these “poppy seeds”. I am not aware when they are replaced. Under a magnifying glass it does not appear to be metallic. But the object looks more like something biological.  That was created from the inside of my body.

In the world of nanotechnology, this size of an object would be equal to a very large beach ball. It would have the ability to contain very large amounts of data.

One of the ways I think they may be able to communicate with us is through our dreams. This statement is based on the type of dreams that I have been having now for a few years. Scientist and medical professionals are still not sure what causes humans and animals to dream.

Scientists becomes upset when their equitation’s are challenged or proven wrong. The Energy Entities are capable of doing both.

The brains of humans and animals are biologically-made computers that took millions of years to develop. They were designed to develop in stages. This way the Energy Entities could observe the way the brains developed over time. The brains are still going through stages.

The Energy Entity’s began this experiment when they created the big bang that created our universe and others. They are not pleased with the way their experiment has turned out. They are coming to try and correct and fix the failures.

Entanglement may be our gateway to the other planets that was created by the energy entities. Every event that happens here, has happened, or will happen on another planet.

Many will say these are the ravings of a mad man, but ask yourself, what if these statements are true?


To Be Continued




Paul Young is 68 and is interested in reading, photography, art, music and life.