A fragment of ‘Monster’



By S.Y. Eng


Glorious Lapis Bourbon.  It promises to transform stubborn grey hair into highlighted perfection.  I needed it.  My ex, eight years younger, took everything we bought together with him.  Left his stinking pile of filthy socks and toxic leftovers in the fridge.  Oh, but he also gave a parting gift: a mug that says, ‘Being a Woman is a Real Bitch.’

I was fired from the local Love Me Sushi Shack.  I got angry at a customer who wanted something that wasn’t on the menu: pizza!

I set the oven timer.  After thirty minutes, highlighted perfection.  My elbow brushed-off some unpaid bills from the kitchen counter where they fluttered onto a small mountain of other unpaid bills on the floor.

I was squeezing out the last goop of Glorious Lapis Bourbon when someone pounded on the front door.  Shit.  Must be the landlord.  Ignore him, I said to myself, which I did.  The pounding stopped.  Quiet.  BAM. BAM. BAM.  Now it’s at the side window.  Maybe it’s not the landlord…



To be continued