No. 4
November 2018



S.Y. Eng               A fragment of ‘Monster’

Sara Rubin               Portraits in the Attic

Michael Tuberdyke               The Storm

Inga Songbird               Something Stirred My Soul

Rich Moll                The Old Maple Tree

Mary K. Grant               The Toad Exodus

Paul Young               Fact or Fiction, You Decide

Kitty Jospé               Language Duel by Rosario Ferré – Book Review

Kitty Jospé               A Dip into Wonder: a Toe into Haiku

Alicia Beckwith               Stand Up and Be Counted – Ch. 2

Alicia Beckwith              Maybe This Could Be You

G.A. Cribari               Growing up with Billy (cont.)

Bruce Thines               January 3rd – Igor Frankensteen

Erik Philip Stevenson               Why Kate Moss is Important

Ronald J. Buttarazzi Sr.               A Reflection on the Constitution


Jacob Yaple               Messed Up Bernie


Anna Gatto               Alfred Jarry in translation

Rich Moll               35,000 Feet

Kitty Jospé               Quartet

Jarrad Ackert               St. Paul Preview

Mary Tanville               Pater

Alicia Beckwith               Triptych

Lawrence Vanchelnik               300


Paul Young               The Big Bang

Adam and Eve



cover image:  Natalia Goncharova (Russia).  Skyline for The Firebird, Diaghilev ballet.  Painted backcloth, 1926.
Victoria and Albert Museum, London.