by Alicia Beckwith


My! How we rush around

Doing this and that about town.

Hurry, hurry!

Rush and scurry!

From one shop to another

In search of that treasure.

“Gotta run now!” we say

As we dash about all day.

Gotta pick up kids from school

Gotta pick up my husband’s tool.

Get home to make dinner.

It’s a wonder I’m not thinner!

Now when day’s done

I’m still on the run!

Pick up

Catch up

Clean up

Tidy up!

Now it’s time for bed!

I’m beat when I lay my head.

Why do we play this game?

It so lame!

Because we don’t stop to play,

To just enjoy the day.

No time to visit a friend

As we rush to day’s end.

Take a breath and STOP!

Slow down before we drop.


Bread of Life

(Sense of Taste)

by Alicia Beckwith


Eyes big, dark and hollow,

Looking back at me

Is all that I can see

As I taste the first of morn –

Bellies swollen round and fat

Distended as can be

Is all that I can see

As I taste the first of morn.

Tiny faces so forlorn.

Wrists so small, so thin.

Empty hands stretched toward me

Reaching toward me

Is all that I can see

As I taste my Bread this morn.



by Alicia Beckwith


The cars down below

Are the ebb and flow

Of life in the city

Amongst the nitty gritty!

BUT! We watch them every day

As they scurry on their way

To work, to play, to home

They always go fast on the roam.

Anyway, ‘HEY! There’s a meeting

And you’re the one who’s greeting

Our guest speaker for today

In the wind and all the fray.

Line up now, careful not to fall

We need to pay attention one and all.

So wrap your feet on that wire

The one that doesn’t fire.

Move in closer so we can fit.

Hey! Move over or you can git !

Who’s the one to send the news

On route 590’s wire that’s the fuse?

Joe, look at those legs! What a girl!

Keep your wingsfurled

Or you’ll lose your grip

And surely you’ll slip!

Amy can send the speech ‘round the city

To Chicago then on to Ol’ Smitty.

Then Roberto’ll forward to Santé Fe

And on to Cindy in  San Jose.

So, let the wires sing

And go with hearty zing

Tweet and chirp the news today

Pass the word along the way!


Alicia Beckwith is a local poet and has been writing poetry for four decades.  Her poems have been published in book collections and magazines.