No. 5
May 2019



Robert Maleforte                        The Molestation of Feldon Cranston

Jarrad Ackert                                  Amongst the Trembling Apes (excerpt)

Michael Tuberdyke                          A Sight for Old Eyes

Jacob Yaple                                             The Detector

G.A. Cribari                                                   Growing Up with Billy (cont.)

Ronald J. Buttarazzi Sr.                                     Robespierre: The Terror

Alicia Beckwith                                                 Stand Up Be Counted

Alicia Beckwith                                              The Oldest Lady

Drake Aiden                                                 A Good Day for a Journey

B.W. Thines                                             The Haunting

Jaime Petrohl                                   At the Court of Guadalupe


Michael Tuberdyke                                 Lake Ontario


Alicia Beckwith                                       A Selection

Enrique Niepo
(trns. by Jacob Yaple)                              Building Wall

David Kramer                                                A Phone Call to Manhattan

Kitty Jospé                                                    Three Poems

Jacob Yaple                                              Phoenix

Lawrence Prett                                   Vermilion by Rene Char (translation)

cover image:  Liteyny Bridge (Saint Petersburg)Alexander Semionov, Russia, 1982.
Private Collection.