by Paul Young


The Old Tree:

I pass by a very old tree every day, and I stop and give it a greeting.

What great things the old tree has seen. Young lovers sitting under its branches. A little child using one of its branches as a swing. A nest of little baby birds with their mother. It has given shade to a homeless person taking a nap. I would like to live as long as the old tree, and see great things like this old tree has seen.


A Little Bird Singing:

Today I heard a little bird singing. How can such a beautiful voice come from such a small creature?


The Earth -Worm:

There was an earth-worm trying to cross a very hot sidewalk.

I could tell it was in pain by the way it was moving. I picked it up and put it in the cool grass. I hope someone will do the same for me, if I ever I come back as an earth-worm.



Today I saw a little flower growing from a crack in the side walk.

What great determination this little flower has to grow and to continue to live.

Humans could learn a lot from this little flower.


Ugly Plants:

Even ugly plants need love and attention. We give praise to the Rose, and curse its thorns even though they come from same plant


Mother Nature:

If you see a plant or animal that needs food or water, please give it to them because they are the children of Mother Nature.



In order to understand life. You must be able to feel the heartbeat of a Stone.


Give Me Your Hand:

When I was very young and became scared or upset. My Father would look into my eyes and say “Give me your hand”. I would know then that everything would be all right.

I now have kids of my own, and when they become scared or upset. I look in to their eyes and say” Give me your hand. “They would know then that everything would be all right.

My Father is now in the last hours of his life. I look into his eyes and say “Give me your hand.”



Magic is finding wild berries when you’re hungry.

Magic is drinking from a little stream along with the animals.

Magic is eating things from your garden that grows from little seeds.

Magic is seeing and smelling flowers.

Magic is having all things that was provided for us on this planet.

Hell is having none of these things



Good bye my friends, for I am ready to leave this Shell that I have existed in and wander forward. I know not what I will find, but it will be a new experience. Good or bad.



Of all the creatures on this planet, humans are the most flawed.





Paul Young is in his 60s, is interested in reading, photography, art, music, modern technology and life.