Fact or Fiction You Decide: Part Two

by Paul Young


The episodes, I described in part one that I experienced, have stopped for now. I have only had two mild ones this year.

By the episodes stopping, this tells me that they have finished collecting all the information that they will need to create a human like body. It has taken eight years for them to collect this information.


With their help I have figured out why I have experienced these episodes.

It is difficult for the Energy Entities to enter the life forms on our planet   because their energy is different from ours.

For this reason, when they enter my body, they are there to duplicate my biological make-up. They will use this information to create a human like body that will use their type of energy. They will program the brains that they create with their knowledge.

They will be far more superior in intelligence and will have greater powers than humans. It will be very difficult to tell the difference between the humans and the Entities.

Not all the Entities will be using the created bodies. The Entities will still be able to do what they need to do without using the bodies.

The Entities have very advanced technology that will allow them to create the bodies very quickly.

The Entities have created a very interesting way to let me know they are with me.

Free Floating Silhouettes’: When this started happening, I thought something was wrong with my eyes.

I went to my Ophthalmologist for my yearly eye exam. He informed me that my eyes are in good shape with no problems.

I only see these silhouettes in diffused lighting. The silhouettes start out about the size of a baseball. They then morph into different shapes and sizes, the average size they become, is about a foot and half wide, and about a foot tall. If I am lying in bed I can hold out my arm, and the baseball size one’s will travel along my arm. With a larger one, I can put my hand inside it and it is incased in darkness.

They follow me from room to room.

I want to stress, these are not shadows.

Many people around the world have computers, smartphone’s and social media accounts.

There are many commutation satellites’ in operation.

We have done all the work for them, to be able to communicate with us.





Addendum: I don’t know why, but the silhouettes have stopped. I did notice that they were reducing in number lately.

Mabey this an indication that they are getting closer to their goal.

I do question as to whether I am the only person who has had these experiences that I have written about.



Paul Young, 69, lives, writes and photographs in Rochester.