by Alicia Beckwith





Here I am again writing lines

In these Corona – 19 times

Thinking of friends afar

I’d usually visit by car.

Wear your mask now full time

Not to do so is a crime.

It won’t last forever they say,

So hold tight and count the days.

Give your neighbor a call to say

“Hi, I’m thinkin’ of you today!”

Go ahead, give someone a ring.

“I’m goin’ shopping; need anything?”

Soon we’ll be able to venture out.

That’ll quench our social drought.

Shops will be able to open their doors

Get rid of cobwebs, sweep the floors.

Restaurants will welcome us back

Preparing eggs and flap jacks.

Hairdressers will get the run

Of women to get their hair done.

Sun’s coming out to warm our day

Bringing us into the month of May

When most will be back to normal

When we don’t have to be ‘Corona formal’.

So, hang on folks out there,

We’ll be able to share the air.

The 6’ space will disappear

Finally dispelling the fear.

Wait it out, that time’s near.

Go out in the yard and cheer!

Take off the mask, time’s drawing neigh

When we say, “Covid – 19, GOODBYE!”





It is a very lonely person

Who writes telling of the heart.

It is a very sad person

When he just can’t start.

Inside the spirit is bound

The soul’s words cannot be found.

Only with paper and pen,

then, and only then

can his mind pour out all,

let the inhibitions fall

Cast the fears aside.

No longer need to hide.

Then he can take his pen and start

to tell of a sad and lonely heart.






Sweet Peas of summer

are popping out pink and white

shimmering, bouncing

ever so bright

shouting with summer’s glee,

“Come out, come out,

come and dance with me,”

as winds gently blow

tossing and turning

blossoms from head to toe.






Sitting here waiting for smugness

to switch to business

is trying my patience!

Blueness to blackness

grayness right on to

why, to business!

Laws upon endless laws

regulations with and without flaws.

Wrenches in the pocket

Brought front to docket.

Questions and answers?

Answers to questions?

Statements and suggestions?

Suggestions right back to questions!

Circular reasoning

Is so unseasoning

In this mode of long term care

where it truly is a DARE

to give love and care.






“Hi!, How are you”, you ask.

But you don’t wait for an answer

as you rush through your agenda

pat me on the back then rush away.

“How are you?”

You really want to know?

I doubt it – it’s just a button you push

when you don’t know what else to say.

Sales clerks, car salesmen and, well everyone ask this question.

Most without a hesitation of politeness.

Most everyone continues to talk right after asking.

Why do we do this?

Why are we so artificial, not really caring

to talk to the other person for just a real minute?

Why don’t we care anymore?

Don’t we have feelings anymore?

Can’t we stop to really talk?

Really listen, and then speak –

Let them know we’re interested,

so the they know we care?

What has happened to our  society

where we give this perfunctory greeting

then rush on not letting the other person reply?

It just doesn’t mean a thing ———————————-anymore.






Hey politics man,

how does it feel

to go on with your plan

pretending you’re real?

Hey elected man there,

do you really see?

Do you really care

‘bout your fellow man and me?

Line your pockets, right?

Turn the other way?

Budget too tight?

Well, just vote NAY!

Remember promises you made

on Embargo? Tariff or trade?

You broke them on whim,

your goal just to “win!”

Open your eyes real wide!

Stop trying your secrets to hide!

Listen to your constituants, please!

Stop acting the sleaze!





I heard a stream nearby the covered bridge

as it ran into the old stony ridge.

It babbled along on its merry way

on that bright warm sunny day.

It seemed to sing as the water danced.

It bounced along and seemed to prance

over tall boulders so shiney and wet

rushing on its journey, and yet…..

A melody came forth from its force and softly sang

as its bubbly voice over rocks it rang.

A melody beautiful and sweet

notes to my ears rose up to meet.

A lullaby for all to hear

as I walked over to be near.

Listen to the tune it does sing

making sweet memories there to ring.

Next time you hear a brook

go closer to take a look.

Close your eyes, and quietly wait and see

what the lullaby has said to me.



Alicia Beckwith is a local poet and has been writing poetry for four decades.  Her poems have been published in book collections and magazines.