by Cheyenne Zaremba



Oh, come to see me,

made of stars and dust and cob-webbed

ceilings. Come to see me bleeding,


cut open on the shards

of a dozen decks of heartless

cards and reeling


in embryonic fluid
where the waves are true and the

sound congruent. See


me as a reflection
of the best collection of our memories

together, pre-destruction, post-


connection. And let me go
so that I may show the world

to you, and although I’ve

never been very cinematic

for you, I’ll work some movie magic

on this aquatic landscape


we inhabit. Be not bitter,

when I splinter at the edges for
this winter threatens


to bring about my demise—

in your eyes, just another sacrifice—
but the time for goodbye’s


has arrived. Please come
to see me run away from what once was,
and on a Sunday afternoon

watch my cob-webbed ceilings
imploding. See the stars consume my heart,
and understand the feeling

of lonely blossoms on
the bosom of a walnut casket: human 2.0
passed its expiration date.



Cheyenne Zaremba is a Master’s student at Villanova University where she studies Communication.  When not studying, Cheyenne enjoys visiting cemeteries, cooking, doing crafts, and taking care of her 20+ plant children.  Her poetry and flash fiction have been previously published in Canvas Literary Journal, The Beacon, and Rundelania.