by Kitty Jospé 



Everything livens in the sun’s warmth—

this moment, memories—


The light softly, yet firmly

kisses the lipped lantern windows

with a whisper of movement

as the moss grows tight

on their granite hats.


In this sacred space, we meditate

at the speed of the heart, understand

a generosity of moss to bandage

what is cracked, at risk of breaking,

feel its soft green as living hope.



*Ishidourou: Stone lantern.  These lanterns placed outside temples serve to add balance, harmony, offer light.




Kitty is a published author and poet and leads Poetry Oasis at the Central Library.  After years of teaching French, she turned to English, and received her MFA in creative writing in 2009.  Kitty`s blog, O Pen!, can be found here.    Listen to Kitty read Ishidourou here.