by Alicia Beckwith


Here I am again writing lines

In these Corona – 19 times

Thinking of friends afar

I’d usually visit by car.

Wear your mask now full time

Not to do so is a crime.

It won’t last forever they say,

So hold tight and count the days.

Give your neighbor a call to say

“Hi, I’m thinkin’ of you today!”

Go ahead, give someone a ring.

“I’m goin’ shopping; need anything?”

Soon we’ll be able to venture out.

That’ll quench our social drought.

Shops will be able to open their doors

Get rid of cobwebs, sweep the floors.

Restaurants will welcome us back

Preparing eggs and flap jacks.

Hairdressers will get the run

Of women to get their hair done.

Sun’s coming out to warm our day

Bringing us into the month of May

When most will be back to normal

When we don’t have to be ‘Corona formal’.

So, hang on folks out there,

We’ll be able to share the air.

The 6’ space will disappear

Finally dispelling the fear.

Wait it out, that time’s near.

Go out in the yard and cheer!

Take off the mask, time’s drawing neigh

When we say, “Covid – 19, GOODBYE!”


Alicia Beckwith is a local poet and has been writing poetry for four decades.  Her poems have been published in book collections and magazines.