Fact or Fiction, You Decide: Part III

by Paul Young

I have had seven episodes this year like the ones I described in part one and part two. I didn’t have any in April,May and June , The last one was in September.

A major change has taken place in the way the Energy Entities interact with me.

They no longer use just one hour to perform the procedures they need to undertake. They are now with me all the time.This has worked well,because I no longer experience the side effects that I did when they used only an hour.

This has been a very strange experience,I am now sharing my body with them.They now experience everything that I experience.They are able to know all my thoughts, But I am not able to know there thoughts.They use a type of telepathic communication to communicate.This has been a challenge,because I am not sure sometimes if my thoughts are mine or there’s

They’re extremely curious about everything we have,from the simpl things too the most complicated.

If I am working on something they don’t like or I am doing it wrong they let me know.

Something I observed about them is, they are easely startled by  simple sounds.

I have a strong impression that they are about to let the world know that they are among us.


Paul Young.


I thought the episodes had stopped but I had very bad one on October fourth at three am. Now I’m not sure how long this experience with the Energy Entities is going to last.I hope it will be over soon. I have been experiencing all this for twelve years.

Paul Young is an artist and author in Rochester.