a galaxy died yesterday evening

by Tiwalade Topia

or to be more accurate 
a galaxy died 9billion years ago
and the light reached us just the day before
for the scientists to observe and report 
on the 11am news
that death is universal
and their telescope is the shit because it can 
prove the obvious in hd 
and we should care
because now their budget can increase 
so we can get more of those pretty pretty 
cosmic fireworks 
but since light travels faster than sound 
it might take a couple billion more years
or maybe an hour or two by the next news cycle
for their alien screams and prayers and pleas
to please please please never forget them
to reach us
and by then we would care less
or not at all
since news has got to be new 
or else it won't make headlines
or make us tap on our tiny blue screens
so lets file that along with
other forgettable mysteries
like why the bees are taking a decade long vacation, 
who turned the earth’s thermostat too high,
and how black skin is strangely magnetic to bullets.

Tiwa Topia is a Nigerian poet-storyteller and artist previously based in Baltimore, now residing in Rochester NY. He has performed in local poetry open mics as well as national slams like the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational(CUPSI). As an active story teller in his community he tells re-imagined ancient African epics like Sundiata Keita and Mwindo to children and adults alike. As an artist, he has showcased multiple stained glass pieces in Maryland galleries. And as a poet he has facilitated several workshops in the greater Baltimore area as well as created accompanying poems to several art pieces in local galleries.