A Response to Your Love Ransom Note

by Juan E. Gama


Well, thank you for your love ransom,
but I will pass.

I don’t need your romantic puffy platitudes,
Those fluffy softball-type lobs of love.

I don’t need to dream of doe-y lock-eyed stares,
or heed the dream of soul-mates connected for life.
(more like inmates of a love prison)

Your ransom demands are moot to me.

Instead, I will live life in the present.

I will enjoy my time with people and
not try to lock up their future with desperate pleas of love.

I will enjoy my time by myself and
not bend to the societal pressure to pair.

I will be free of the lonely lure of love.

A stranger’s smile is a selfless end in itself.


Juan E. Gama is a Rochester resident, motorbike enthusiast and poet.