by Steve Bonanno

We are confluence, you and I.

We are the dance of chaos and order,

of folded shirts against strewn underwear,

of dawn and evening, of heat and cool.

We exist, now, because of each other. We, solstices,

opposite and one, summer and winter,

each other’s media naranja, unified in our contradictions—

strengthened by them—

creating the beautiful completeness of our lives.

In our harmony, juxtaposed and iridescent, we are in balance

like a desert twilight, night’s chill embracing day’s heat,

vibrant sunset caressing the silken night.

And when we are one, I am alive.

Steve Bonanno is an aspiring writer, originally from Buffalo, New York, now residing in Rochester with his wife and two children. Having escaped the corporate world, he now teaches high school English.