by Inga Songbird


My friend Ollie had a tree stump in her garden that she needed cut in half. It was a wish she had held for a very long time. Her husband had left her and she was afraid to ask him.

After seeing how things manifested effortlessly for me, Ollie thought she would give it a try. She wrote on pieces of paper: Wanted – tree stump cut in half, in exchange for a home baked pie and included her phone number. She hung the notes up on a few neighborhood bulletin boards.

A week later Ollie complained, “Nothing happened. I can’t do it like you do.”

“We are two different people, we would create differently,” I explained. I asked to see an example of the paper she used  for her ad. Ollie pulled out a little piece of paper the size of a Bazooka bubble gum wrapper.

Ollie asked, “How would you do it?”

I told her that I first would have made the pie, putting the wagon before the horse. Knowing that this would work for me. I then would have walked around with the pie in hand to a hardware store or a construction site, anywhere where there were plenty of men. Men can’t resist a home baked pie. I’ve heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I went home leaving Ollie to ponder.

The next day I rode my bicycle to the grocery store. My friends Sophie and Isabella were coming for a visit from Brockport, New York, and I wanted to provide them with a light lunch. Along the way I came across two men cutting down tree branches with power saws. I stopped and asked, “Would you be interested in a home baked raspberry pie in exchange for cutting my friends tree stump in half?”

Are there any other choices of pie?” One of the men asked.

“Any kind you want! My friend Ollie is an incredible baker! She will make any pie that your heart desires!”

Michael Z., the owner of the company asked, “What’s her address?” I was suddenly unsure of her house number. I told him that I would be right back with the information. I rode my bike a block further and found a man tending his lovely garden. I asked if he had a phone book and he graciously obliged. I got back on my bike and gave the house number to Michael. He said he would go to Ollie’s house right after he had completed the job he was working on.

As I rode away I realized that I wasn’t sure where the cutting-line was for the tree stump. I rode another block and came to a man sitting on a park bench in front of a beauty salon. He was holding a cell phone. I asked if I could use it.

“NO!” He snapped.

As I straddled my bike to leave he then said, “I was just kidding.” Happily he dialed Ollie’s number and handed me the phone.

“Hello, Ollie? It’s me Inga.

“I was just walking out the door to go to work,” she said in haste.

“I need to know where the cutting-line is for the tree stump. The tree cutters are on their way to your house.”

“I’ll tie a blue ribbon around the stump where I want them to cut. Bye!”

I proceeded on to my original mission to buy food for my guests. On my way back home from shopping, I stopped at my favorite little antique shop to say a quick hello to the owner, he was the new guy on the block and it was a tradition I created meant to wish him prosperity.  It had to be brief as my two friends were coming soon and I was late for their arrival. After my greeting and silent blessing I opened the door to leave and there, coming into the store were Sophie and Isabella! “What are you doing here?” I asked in total astonishment.

“What are you doing here?” They chimed in unison. “You’re supposed to be home making our lunch!”

My friends are big time shoppers and know the city like the back of their hands but they missed the exit to my house and were perplexed as to why that happened. There are no accidents. They had decided to check out the little antique shop before coming to my house. They had wanted to go there many times over, but always seemed to run out of time.

I told them I was going directly home and would await their arrival. On my way I passed the tree trimmers who announced they were on their way to Ollie’s house.

Once at home, my phone rang.  It was Micheal, “Jobs done!”

A few minutes later there was a knock at my door. It was Sophie and Isabella. My friend Sophie ended up buying a $200 coffee table from the new guy on the block.  She lives on a fixed income.  The fact that she bought anything at all was a miracle onto itself!

The most powerful thing a person can do for themselves is to say, This is what I want! Claim it!

People want to give, want to lend a hand, they want to help if they can.  Ask and you shall receive.  It’s getting the dream out of your head and onto a workable surface. The power is in asking.  The worst that can happen is that you will get a no. If you can imagine the worst-case scenario of what that no might look like and if you can handle that, it’s worth asking.  You are then one step further to your intention.

Ollie is an early riser and picked a fresh mix of red and deep-purple raspberries to bake Michael Z. a well deserved pie. Michael had chosen the raspberry pie when he found out how much she enjoyed growing them in her secret garden.

My friend had a focal point in mind to place next to the tree stump.  Something significant to her.  Now that the time had arrived and the tree stump was low to the ground, just as she had envisioned.  She placed the relic there.  It was a very large plastic pig.   It looked like something she might have won at a carnival.  The pig’s body resembled that of a wiener dog.  Who would have thunk it?

Ollie beamed as she clasped her hands to her heart, “I love it there!”



Inga Songbird’s gift of manifestation began at the age of four. An early childhood experience set her on a path of discovery and joy of what life had to offer and how to help make it a reality.  Not listening to adult figures or society’s narrative that drowns out individuality, belief and trust in one’s self and inner voice, Inga continued to hold onto her childhood innocence of belief.  This belief and awareness has continued through many unique experiences, allowing her to tap into the energy and forces for manifestation along life’s journey.  From running her own business, educating children, pursuing the visual arts, coordinating community events and soliciting donations for non-profits, Inga has many life experiences of manifestations to open you to the possibilities.