DRUSBA Theater and Theater Club

`A protest against the idea of culture as distinct from life as if
there were culture on one side and life on the other, as if true
culture were not a refined means of understanding and exercising
` -Antonin Artaud

November 20th, 2021

DRUSBA met today in the Arts and Literature Division at 2pm. We discussed possible first performance ideas.

Sara read her original play, A BUMP IN THE ROAD: THE GYM MEMBERSHIP. It is a 6 minute play with two characters. It is a serious look at a scene in domestic life, humorous and with a great turn at the end. We thought this could be a great first performance in the library. We will send the play to members via email and read together at the next meeting.

Sara reads A Bump in the Road

Jeff is planning to do a modern, dramatic adaptation of Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

We also looked at James’ play, Guardian Angel, and will read together at the next meeting.

Andrew would like to adapt one of Daniil Kharms’ short, absurdist pieces to a performance. A link to some of Kharms’ short pieces.

We are thinking most performances will be ‘pop-up’, in the library with no stage, done immersively with library patrons nearby; maybe with a DRUSBA sign in the background or a ‘whisperer’ letting people know it’s a play, not a real bit of ‘drama’. There is the possibility of also using the Kusler Cox auditorium on the third floor if the play demands it. We will continue to discuss all performance and text ideas at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be in the Arts and Literature Division at 2pm on Saturday December 11th. We will also Zoom this meeting live from the division and will send the link to members who do not want to brave Rochester’s December weather.

Jeff tunes and plays his guitar

If you would like to join DRUSBA and attend the next meeting email Andrew at: andrew.coyle@libraryweb.org