No. 1
May 2017



Michael Yaworsky                   Fifty Large

Michael Tuberdyke                 A Brush with Chance

Bruce Thines                            Dr. Bump

Inga Songbird                          Co-Creating

Rich Moll                                  Two Stories

Mary K. Grant                          Riverside

Gerald Bunton                         The Great Thurston Road Cook-off

G.A. Cribari                               The Molecular Prison



Celie Katovitch                         World Without End

Cheyenne Zaremba                  Two Poems

K. A.                                             subterranea

V.B. Amin                                   Remission: My Hope for Your Future

Eldridge McClaney                   Life

Juan E. Gama                             A Response to Your Love Ransom Note

Alicia Beckwith                         Night’s Dewy Deed

Felix Barbone                            What!



Ronald J. Buttarazzi Sr.            The Disciple


literary nonfiction

Th. Metzger                                Two Goners



Ted Christopher                         Religion and Science: Buddhism in the Science Era

Kitty Jospé                                   Timeless Satisfaction in Poetry



Jeff Cripps                                 Winter is Coming

Rare New Zealand Elephant Fish

Uptown Rochester



John Retallack                             Winter Snow Storm

Gene Pool

cover image: V. Serov (Russia).  Riva Schiavoni Embankment, Venice. 1887.
Tretyakov Gallery
, Moscow.