Pie in the Sky

by Jack Buck

pie in the sky

While at the dog park 
Somehow politics
Balloon lifting me away in the air 
You can’t ever escape politics 
Step in a big pile of 
Sports talk but steered back to 
Egg smashed on top of the head
Political joke
House TPed 300 nights in a row
That’s just karma
Just about to fall asleep then
Doomscroll politics
Coffee in the morning it’s a new day 
Hello politics
Work break lounge seeking respite
Please for the love of not right now politics
Go on vacation enjoying a pina colada in the sun
Easy-breezy politics
Swimming in the pool
Hey dude what’s up let’s talk politics
How long can you hold your breath underwater 
Avoiding politics
Steak dinner for your birthday
State of affairs politics
Have too much to drink
Sloshed politics
Regret what you said last night about
Ding dong ditched for the third time this week
Again that’s just karma
Catching up with friends
Will eventually steer to politics
Ice cream and melting face
Summer heat
Put a whoopie cushion under their chair
Classic prank
Never making enough money
Take a look around you
Voicing opinion on the events of the hour
You’ve said too much politics
Open email
Didn’t ask for politics
Big wide gaping pothole in the middle of the road
Call up your local politics
Where to send kids to school
Shouldn’t be but is politics
Get together dinners
I respectfully disagree politics
Can we change the subject please
I want to share something with you
Oversharing of politics
What’s the deal with
Hey have you heard 
Don’t tell me you’re a
The worst kind of politics
Keep a straight face
Nonjudgmental politics
Have no opinion
Don’t ever disagree otherwise
Political animosity
Don’t you agree
I’m right you’re wrong
Old as day politics
Get loud get angry
Internet politics
Scream in their face
Extremely unchill politics
Ear of corn going up 65 cents overnight
Commodity politics
No one asked you but what do you have to say
Supply and demand
Policing art
The control of politics
Creating art
Very good politics
Lower prices easy convenience
Turn the other way
Complaining more 
Writing a poem
Sometimes politics sometimes the opposite of
Instead of challenging ourselves we wish to confirm
Our politics
The healthy debate of competing ideas
Ideal politics
Water, religion, citizenship
Class, status, health, environment, law
Race, identity, land, history
Record soaring profits 
Rent 3-4K
Homes a smooth million
Social cohesion and societal stability
Getting dunked on from the free-throw line
Getting dunked on 360 between the legs style
Getting posterized on the jumbotron replayed over
Giving up a bases-loaded walk-off grand slam 
Chess checkmate after only four moves
Getting lapped over and over
49-7 at halftime during a rivalry game
Saw that coming politics
Subject to judgment
They can afford it
More to the point politics
Blame it on the workers
$10 to $15 
Politics etc etc etc etc
Etc etc etc etc
Etc etc etc
Flush in the sun
Looking up and out at the sky
Just thinking about 
A better today and tomorrow

sleeping at a Kansas rest stop 

The saying is easy everyone has heard it, some have lived it. The decision of one or the other isn’t of superiority whatsoever. Some people have miserable childhoods and get far, far away. Some go wherever there is from sheer delusions, others commonplace misconceptions, pure romantic hope, chance, foolishness, no real rhyme or reason, an anticipatory lover, with a friend, sense of adventure, faith in it all working out one way or another, a combativeness to boredom, conflict and stress, an exhale of light rising over the ridge always showing up despite of 

A Western Dream. A Dream. A potentiality from the unknown had already seized my imagination. Entering the unified field can’t lose. Ring ring ring goes the bell. 

Lots of options in life if you stuff it all in a backpack and the remaining in two grocery bags. If you’re naive and set on going for it despite common precautions. I have 600 dollars to my name. It’s all in my pocket, withdrawn in full earlier that afternoon, for good measure I leave $1.01 in the bank so they don’t void the account. A combined $601.01 let’s go to Denver. The car is idling out front. Your friend is waiting.  Mountains so bright you have to close your eyes from the 2am dance club neon light.  Life can be a party sometimes. 

Hot and hazy. Rush of intensification. One not does not have to gamble their psyche away with mouthfuls of psychedelics to expand the mind just get outta town for a while and keep on driving until you see holy visions. 

The rich and poor go see places while the middle class is too busy working to get by to ever have more than a day or two to themselves. My father is driving home from work on his lunch break across town on his unpaid lunch break to say goodbye and slip me a couple of twenties. $60 more bucks, this will cover my half of gas for us to get to Omaha. The halfway point where the sunsets will destroy your understanding of Nebraska. 

Mountains behind your back heading home across the country that is bigger than you ever imagined. Remembering the morning arriving in Colorado after a 23-hour straight drive. Cup of coffee warmed on the stove gone cold no matter. All the anticipation not putting you to sleep until the day after tomorrow. The mountains expanse directly meets your gaze. Life-altering mind trick hauling yourself to a new place long ways tossing away your past self and keeping only the good. Abracadabra now you see me now you don’t. 

Expect some of it to fall apart. Consider a trainwreck. Envision the grandness of life enlarging your soul’s capacity. Could be an irrational impulsive response to wanting to leave or could be one of the better decisions of your life. One way or another the mere thought threads out its trajectory. Towards mountains across. You are not the first or the millionth person to do it, this isn’t novel. Usually I would call myself out here by picking holes in the plot of the missed characterization, overrun angelic poetics, tiresome scene, however, this is serious stuff here. We are talking on the topic of life. One’s life after all. Thrown backwards at first in order to move forward. 

What else why not go for it. These types of motivational banners are hung up over break room water coolers. You read a book or hear a song or heard of so and so has gone wandering out through an open door. No debating at that point. No parking or waiting zone. Just don’t leave in the middle of the night unless you absolutely have to. Say goodbye see you later to momma and poppa brother and sister. Farewell and hello all at once. Everybody’s waving. Mom is now out in the middle of the street for as long as possible. Hold your breath while counting how many houses you live from the corner, before turning left and receding. The street ends here. Beyond this lies the last 12 years of my life. Leaning forward. Fragments emerged in and out shifting memory, landscapes in continuous forms. Going going as quick as memory parallel to speed+distance+open window. Some things are never forgotten.

Jack C. Buck is the author of the books Deer Michigan and Gathering View. He lives in Idaho. For more of his writing, visit http://www.jackcbuck.com