Seamus Leonard

The poem celebrates mayday, a childhood memory when the artist was in London at a mayday festival beer and hops festival. He was 9 or 10 visiting England for a sudden death. It was an old pagan festival turned into a carnival act. The drawings have to do with the warnings of Solomon and to beware of what we conjure or speak. The drawings are done in pen and ink with underlying pencil. Seamus takes note of Medieval folklore and manuscripts but gives the imagery a contemporary satire to the style and mode of expression. Semaus said, “We dispell our demons through clowning and humor. Don’t be scared they are just drawings. After reading Carl Jung’s books on Man, myth, and symbol, Psychology of the East and the Psychology of Alchemy I have solidfied my process as an out pouring of images from the psychological perspective of the east, to make room for clarity and peaceful meditation. Artists are considered teachers to yogininis of this principle, one step closer to the artist becoming a Yoginini themselves.  Though I shall not at this time give up artistic practices and processes for a higher aesthetic, rather I keep an open mind and blend.”

Seamus Leonard is a Rochesterian off and on his whole life with breaks for travel and life experience. His influences are German Expressionism, 19th to 20th century book illustrations, Dada, Surrealism and comic book making. He draws, paints sculpts, writes music, poetry, prose and fiction. If interested in commisioned work, Seamus can be reached at 585-200-8125.