Three Poems

by Alicia Beckwith

Magic Carpet Ride


When I need a place to go—to hide,

I climb aboard my fringed carpet to ride.

Up, up, and away we go,

sailing high and then low.

Looking through the fringe

to see movements to and fro,

Watching sheep in the meadow and cows below.

Squares of bright colors greet my eye

as we noiselessly fly on by.

Bubbbling brooks make me smile

as I glide away, mile after mile.

At days end, happy and sleepy-eyed,

I shake my head with eyes open wide.

I peer forward and then I lean,

angling down very nice and clean.

Swishing closer, I look and see

my house there waiting for me.

My carpet floats down to the roof

gently drifting back and forth—then poof!

It places me into bed just right,

where I’ll dream and sleep all night.

Winter’s Painting


Pine trees hold their wintery dress

Against winds that harshly blow.

Their arms reach out and hold

The nests that cling so bold.

Birds huddle in branches ever so cold,

Calling to each other, their tales are told.

A painting so perfect it does present

As snow makes its blustery descent.

This presents itself with each new snow

As into the warmth of March we go.

Horses into Battle

Horses hooves pounding the dirt;

their eyes wild and alert.

Ears perked to listen hard,

Nostrils flaring taking in more air.

Snorts fill the evening silence

as into battle they quickly go.

Saddles creaking under each mount;

bridles and reins slapping their skin.

Quick turns to avoid on-coming strikes

As warriors spur their steeds on.

Crash of shields and swords fill the night

And painful cries as warriors fall.

Only one side remains victorious

As they ride home in the evening glow.

(Written after reading Jeremiah Chapter 8: 6 – 17.)

Alicia Beckwith is a local poet and author and has been writing for four decades.  Her poems have been published in book collections and magazines.