She who gave life purpose…

by Colin Ian Jeffery


                              She who gave life purpose
                                  Took my heart by storm
                                  Made my Muse sing loud
                                  Bathed my soul with love.

                                  She gives each day meaning
                                  Enhancing every minute
                                  Banishing the darkness
                                  Giving light showing me the way.


                                          We hear cries of children 
                                          Yet to be born
                                          Descendants of our families 
                                          Calling out against global warming
                                          Out of control and still rising.

                                          Demanding why we failed them
                                          Did not elect leaders of action
                                          But politicians windy with words
                                          Refusing to make hard decisions 
                                          That would have saved the world. 


                       Echoes of retreating footsteps
                       Stark and forbidding
                       Drum down my salt-rubbed wounded days.

                       I betrayed with a lie
                       Making love a pauper 
                       Breaking asunder sublime heart once mine. 

Colin Ian Jeffery is a modernist poet, a movement with development of imagism stressing clarity, precision in the economy of language. He has a strong reaction against war, oppression of the truth – while unlike other poets in the modernist movement like Dylan Thomas and Ezra Pound he has a profound faith in God.