these scars

by wmdavid

these scars

stain my heart

wreaked not

by enemy fierce

but by those

freely given my love

in trust

these scars

hideous true

peers repulsed

scab shrouded

 memories hidden

deep within my own

to cherish

these scars

shallow visage

defining yes

deeper still

healed love

 remnant blood to donate

once again

wmdavid is a retired park ranger and naturalist who spent a career writing creative nonfiction for museums, visitor centers, and magazines. His work has been featured in national visitor centers, museum displays & brochures, as well as by the Associated Press and the National Science Center. His current work in poetry and prose combines both natural and human elements, sometimes aligned but often juxtaposed. He currently resides on the slopes of Mt. Ogden with his wife, thirteen guitars, and a well-worn pair of hiking boots.