by Priya Chouhan

Married to Nature

A long life, loaded with jubilant remembrances, 
married to nature, the wood reminding dreadful pain as 
I sat on a bench. 

Stagnant etiquette dictating, this routine unwelcomed, 
stale hopes, naked aspirations, chattering home shunned. 

Leaves feeding on my intense heat (anger), 
cold fingers, exasperation sleeps. 

Resurgence in the old world, devoid of allegations, 
husband taught me to breathe, sorrow  liberated. 

Drizzle of green glitter adorned my hand, 
agony of wood calmed down. 

Hesitant to the drastic change, 
leaf touched my ached skin. 

A long life .................................. on a bench ! 

A Murmuring Wind

Swallowed by the mystic nature, 
reborn as a woman, different from earlier.

A murmuring wind rumpled my dark hair, 
clouds scattered, the rainbow has finally appeared.

Valuable shield, often goes unperceived, 
devastating to disregard a part of me. 

The power of its various aspects hushed me, 
shut my eyes, the hidden beauty revealed. 

Many left my hands, grass hugged me, 
flowers absorbed my tears, I dozed off. 

Stood up, welcomed the gust of wind, 
presence of drops felt, the nature winked. 

A murmuring  .................................. appeared ! 

Nightingale’s Melody

City lights turned off, roads emptied,
flash of moon glow illuminated the eyes.

Stream of honey flowed in her throat, 
in the darkest hour, heard an irresistible
nightingale's melody. 

Kneeled by my wounded heart, feathers caressed
sunken cheeks,
was comatose for years, thoughts drifting 
towards a bleak landscape. 

Euphonious sound in the midst of a suffering, 
repaired my dead cells, the melody was comforting. 

Slept on her lap, provided me enough warmth, 
love re-birthed me, trauma crept away,
the song continued. 

The night is leaving, day knocked at my door,
a harmonious voice, the nightingale is gone.

Stream of  .................................. nightingale's melody! 

Priya Chouhan is a poet from India whose work has been published in Corvus Review, the Black Moon, Dreich, Brief Wilderness, Literary Yard, Littoral Magazine, Wise Owl, Bosphorus Review of Books, and Malaysian Indie Fiction. She has a degree in Economics and is currently pursuing her Masters.