No. 3
May 2018



Michael Tuberdyke       The Clock Strikes Twelve

Dennis Fridd     Hobo Blues

Alicia Beckwith     Stand Up, and Be Counted

Jaime Petrohl     Juan Carlos Acante

Paul Young     Little Butterfly

Bruce Thines     Idiosyncrasies and Compulsions




Jarrad Ackert     Hunger and Money

Brian Krall     Nature, Nurture and Self-Actualization

Madis Senner    I Was Changed

Deborah Klee     Hall of Justice

Joan Wilcox     My Dog Lucky

Matteo de Belatomacci     Z, The Perfect Catalog

G.A. Cribari     Growing Up with Billy

Paul Young     A Big Grand Opening

Sara Rubin     A Road in the Sky

Richard Moll     Stalking the Wild Mushroom

Wendy Burwell     Grace

Gerald Bunton     Tales from Kodak Construction Division




Jacob Yaple     Messed-Up Bernie




Cheyenne Zaremba  Uncertain Equations

Jarrad Ackert     what is it?

L. Vanchelnik   fabricius

Kitty Jospé    Potency of Form – The Triolet!

John George     Tat-Tat-Tat

Richard D. Moll     A Eulogy for a Friend



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cover imageI. Levitan (Russia). Vladimirka Road, 1892.  Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.