No. 12 November 2022

No. 12
November 2022


Philip Kobylarz
The Elevations of Basements

Jon Cohen
Buddha Blesses L.A.

Jennifer Maloney
The Influencing Machine

Michael Yaworsky
Ave Maria

Sandra Florence
Quarantine Dreams

Jonathan Ferrini
Troubles in Tijuana

James R. Drew
Uncharted: The Last Witch

Alex Dermody
The Spanish Advantage

Slobodan Sucur
Lady Harbury’s Burlesque Studio

Tan Bo Yan
The Hills of Don Dilli

Michael Reiss
Tarantino’s Cul-de-Sac

B.W. Thines
Tales from the Elk: Atom Volt

Michael Tubderdyke

Frank Diamond
Bus Ride

Charles R. Vermilyea Jr.
I Put Aside My Plan To See God

Alicia Beckwith
The Key in the Door

Stephen Mead
Angels of Difference

David Kramer
The Cobbler of Upper Monroe

Richard Krause


Franca Mancinelli
(translated from the Italian by John Taylor)
The Rain’s Tale

Thomas Piekarski
Harmonic Resonance

Thom Young
Channel Five

Jennifer Maloney

Martina Reisz Newberry
Short Poem

Kitty Jospé
Like That

Daniel A. Rabuzzi
Every Year

Colin James
Caterwaulers for Hire

Jason Visconti
The Wrestler Versus Life

Ricci W. Barnett

Michael Yaworsky

Catherine Coundjeris
A Gift of Sunflowers

Colin Ian Jeffery
She who gave life purpose

Emma Casper K
The love I deserve

John Ganshaw
Hate is not Welcomed Here

Alicia Beckwith
In the Land of Nod

Jack Buck
Pie in the Sky

Richard Dinges, Jr.

Duane Anderson
Outside It is Rainig

Marjorie Sadin
What Am I Doing Here?

John Grey
Our Arrivals


Seamus Leonard

Elizabeth Spring

Jacob Yaple

Marc Knowles
Fog Over the Canal

cover art: Harvest.
Zinaida Serebriakova, Russia, 1915;
oil on canvas. Fine Arts Museum, Odessa.